November 28, 2016 about a dozen residents in Lakewood woke up to their vehicles ransacked and personal items stolen. The perpetrators have not been caught yet so remain vigilant and keep car doors locked and take valuables inside. You can read more here:

Brief Summary of the Rockingham County Code on Solicitation

Lakewood Homeowners Association

Harrisonburg, VA

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Sec. 15-1. - Definition.

  • The term "solicitor" shall mean a person who goes from door to door for the following purposes: (a) To sell any goods, wares, merchandise or services or accept subscriptions or orders therefor. (b) To accept or request donations for any charitable purpose.

Sec. 15-2. - Registration required.

  • All persons, before entering into or upon a residential premises within the county for the purpose of soliciting, shall register with the county sheriff 

Sec. 15-3. - Issuance of permit.

  • Upon furnishing the information required under section 15-2, the applicant shall be issued a permit which shall be good for one year from the date of issuance. Every solicitor shall carry his permit with him at all times while engaged in soliciting, and shall display the same to any person who shall demand to see the same while he is so engaged.

Sec. 15-5. - Prohibited acts.

  • No person shall: (a) Enter into or upon a residential premises in the county under false pretenses, (b) Remain in or on any residential premises after the owner or occupant has requested any such person to leave, (c) Enter upon any residential premises where the owner or occupant has displayed a "No Soliciting" sign, (d) Engage in the practice of soliciting in the county without a permit as provided for in this chapter.

Sec. 15-6. - Exceptions.

  • The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to: (a) Any person who visits any residence at the request or invitation of the owner, (b) To members of any nonprofit or charitable organization who have an approved means of identification, (c) Newsboys soliciting subscriptions to any newspaper for home delivery, (d) Route deliverymen who make deliveries at least once a week to regular customers, (e) Any person selling fresh farm products.